In the year 2000, the Jezign brand, founded by Mr. Jez Marston, started the process of revolutionizing the footwear industry. The company secured two patents on a brand new and innovative way to illuminate footwear.

Instead of flashing lights that blink when taking a step, Jezign's patented technology provides the individual wearing the shoes the ability to turn the continuous illumination on or off at their discretion. Jezign footwear provides a replaceable battery compartment, or a charging port for a USB cable, to power the illumination in the shoe.

Not only does Jezign's technology provide for a unique and innovative optical experience for anyone who sees our footwear, it provides a safety enhancing functional feature when applied to running shoes. Jezign's technology can be applied to a wide variety of styles of footwear including basketball, running, casual and boot styles.

Initially, Jezign footwear was released in select retailers that saw the novelty and vision for the technology. The customer response was tremendous and extremely positive. Now, Jezign is poised to re-launch brand new styles in 2017.

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