1. How do you operate the shoe?

Plug the battery or USB cable into the connector located in the tongue of the shoe. Then turn the lights on or off with the button located on the side of the shoe.

2. How long does the battery last?

It depends on how long you have the shoe turned on, but typically the lights will last for 48-72 hours of continuously being on. Please remember, however, that Jezign provides for a replaceable battery compartment in the tongue so that when the battery does drain, it can easily be replaced with a new battery. Also, select models will have a USB charging port so that the illumination can be charged.

3. If Jezign has patents on this technology, how come I have seen imitation shoes that copy Jezign's technology?

Many times when new and revolutionary products come on the market they are imitated. Jezign has begun taking steps to enforce our intellectual property rights. To see an example of a knockoff, click here.

4.  Where can I purchase?

Currently Jezign footwear can be purchased/pre-ordered from the purchase page on our website. Click here.